Lenin dealing with opposition

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Lenin dealing with opposition
Government officials
Striking civil servants arrested
civil service purged
Junior officials- supported Bolsh= promoted
Bolsh officials brought in
Corrupt opportunists put into positions of real power
Bureaucracy- poor quality BUT obedient
Political parties
Kadet- outlawed- leaders arrested- 2 brutally beaten to death by Bolsh sailors
Right wing SR's & Mensheviks- prison
Extraordinary commission for Combating counter revolution & Sabotage
Dedicated Bolsh supporters
Unit of Red guard and military units under control
Press/ Censorship
Newspapers of centre ,socialist & right= shut down
Class warfare
Intimidate middle classes into submission
Attacks on Kadets then the net widened
Legal system abolished
Revolutionary justice ­ arbitrary & violent
Bourgeosie arrested, beaten, robbed- enemy of the people
Workers , peasants & soldiers supported= became cocky and assertive
State licence & encouraged people to plunder the houses of the middle classes to `loot the


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