Lenin: 1917-1924

4 page document with bullet point notes on:

  • The problems in Russia in 1917
  • The Cheka
  • Opposition
  • Similarities between Tsars and Lenin
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
  • War Communism and One Party State
  • Kronstadt & New Economic Policy
  • N.E.P downsides
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A2 History 13th October 2010

Tsar Vladmir I? Lenin 19171924

1917 ­ Problems in Russia

As the provisional government had found, the circumstances in Russia in 1917
were unpromising for a new regime
Russia was still involved in WWI
Industrial backwardness and widespread military incompetence had undermined
Russia's war…

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A2 History 13th October 2010

Similarities between Lenin and the Tsars

Both employed a political police
Neither had any regard for democracy
Both practiced rigorous censorship
Each wielded dictational power
Both employed a vast and privileged bureaucracy more concerned with helping
themselves than serving the downtrodden people

Treaty of…

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A2 History 13th October 2010

Kronstadt & New Economic Policy

After the Civil War, Lenin's priority was to increase the output of the Russian
economy in order to remedy the wartime slump in industrial production and
widespread starvation in the countryside
In March 1921, there was a rebellion at…

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A2 History 13th October 2010

Chris Cartwright




Thank you these are really useful. Do you have any thematic notes or notes on each ruler? Thanks!

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