Legislation affect on business

Brief description of legislation affecting businesses INCLUDING:

Sex discrimination act, Equal pay act, Race relation act, Disability discrimination act, Data protection act


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Legislation affect on
business…read more

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Sex Discrimination act does affect business
They can't ask for a male or female in the
advertisement for a certain job.
They have to be fair and true, and
you cant be turned away due to
your gender
Gender should not be the reason for
Each gender should not be treated
differently when training or promotion
opportunities rise…read more

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The equal pay act
Men and Women are paid the same for `like work'
Ensure that employees are paid what is seen as
the minimum hourly rate which is acceptable to
pay someone…read more

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Race Relation Act
This act makes it illegal to discriminate against someone
because of their
· Race
· Colour
· National origin
· Ethnic origin
This applies to all aspects of employing
someone from recruitment to ending
someone's employment
This means that the best person for a job
must be chosen, based on what they can do,
not where they come from or the colour of
their skin.…read more

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Disability Discrimination Act
This act ensures that people with disabilities
are not refused employment in a certain place
of work because of their disability.
A workplace which employs more than 20
people must give equal opportunity to job
applicants who have disabilities.
The employer is expected to make `reasonable adjustment' to
the workplace to accommodate someone with a disability.
e.g. building a ramp for a wheelchair…read more

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Data protection act
They say that data must be:
1. Fairly and lawfully processed;
2. Processed for limited purposes;
3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive;
4. Accurate;
5. Not kept for longer than is necessary;
6. Processed in line with your rights;
7. Securely kept
8. Not transferred to countries without
adequate protection.…read more


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