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Case What Happened? What Legislation Does It
Apply To and How?
A solicitor failed to make the This goes against Breach of
correct application during contract
divorce proceedings If this happens, a client can th
The client lost out financially sue them for breach of contrac
Dawson The firm of solicitors was
ordered to pay the client £21,000
A father wanted to make a will by This goes against duty of car
leaving £9,000 each to his 2 If this is not fulfilled by a solici
White daughters so he sent instructions they can then be sued
to his solicitor via a letter in July
The father then died in
The solicitor had failed to alter
his will during this time resulting
in the 2 daughters not getting
their £9,000
The solicitor was successfully
sued by giving £9,000
compensation to each daughter
for the negligence in not drawing
up the will as instructed
Hall In this case, it was found legal Negligent work in court whe
v that you can sue solicitors for acting as an advocate
Simons negligent work (failing to take
proper care in doing something)
in court when acting as an
advocate (a person who publicly
supports or recommends a
particular cause or policy)

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