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Learning theory, Bowlby and Ainsworth tasks from `Psychology AS: the Complete Companion'
by Mike Cardwell and Cara Flanagan (page 60)

Activity 1

Research evidence (Task 1)

Study Explanation
Supports Bowlby's theory because it showed that contact comfort was more
Harlow (1960) important than feeding, and also that lack of responsiveness…

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I. Choose the theory you feel most confident on, and think you can remember the most studies
II. Describe the theory in as much detail as you can remember, aiming for 100-150 words max.
III. Don't waste time counting the words! Work out before the exam how many lines…

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High in ecological validity. Controlled observation.
Reliability. Little or no control of extraneous variables.

Ainsworth's studies (Task 4)

Infancy in Uganda (1967)

2 year naturalistic observation.
Mother-infant interactions in villages.
Some mothers more `sensitive' to infants' needs and tended to have `securely attached'
infants who cried little and content to…


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