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Learning…read more

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Learning Key Words
· Learning a change in behaviour due to a particular experience
· Classical Conditioning learning takes place through association
· Operant Conditioning learning due to the consequences of
behaviour, through positive or negative reinforcement…read more

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Classical Conditioning Key Words
· Unconditioned stimulus The stimulus that produces a reflex response e.
g. food for Pavlov's dog
· Unconditioned response The reflex response to an unconditioned
stimulus e.g. dog salivation
· Conditioned stimulus A new stimulus presented with the
unconditioned stimulus e.g. bell with food
· Conditioned response The response that is learnt, now occurs when the
conditioned stimulus is presented e.g. salivation with the bell…read more

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Concepts Associated with Classical
· Extinction
· Spontaneous Recovery
· Generalisation
· Discrimination…read more

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Watson and Rayner-
Little Albert Key Study
· Aim: To see if they could condition a person to feel fear
· Method: Albert whom was 11 months old was introduced to several different
animals- he liked all of them, particularly the white rats. During conditioning,
when a reached for a white rat, a metal bar was hit with a hammer. This was
repeated several times
· Results: After 7 times of this^, when the rat was presented, he screamed and
tried to get away (even without the noise) and did this when any other fury,
white thing was shown
· Conclusion: You can condition a person to feel fear as a reflex response…read more

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· It is extremely unethical- no permission/consent was given
-the participant was distressed but did not have the right to withdraw
-could have caused long term psychological damage
· It cannot be generalised to other ages/people because only one baby
was tested (not representative of target population)
· The conclusion supports the aim/ it proved them right…read more

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