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Great document on the seasons of the year in Italian. 

Article : http://www.learnitaliancommunity.com/seasons-of-the-year/4576141204?preview=Y 


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If you are interested in learning how to say the days of the week, months and
seasons in Italian, then this might be the right article for you! (Part 3)
The seasons of the year
Le stagioni dell'anno
Winter Spring Summer Autumn/fall

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Inverno Primavera Estate Autunno
In winter it is very cold, it rains and snows In inverno fa molto freddo, piove e nevica
In spring the weather is nice, flowers bloom In primavera il tempo e` bello, sbocciano i
In summer it is very hot, everyone go to the In Estate fa molto caldo, tutti vanno in
beach spiaggia…read more

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In autumn the leaves fall off trees, Wine and In auntunno le foglie cadono dagli alberi, si
Olive oil are made fa l'Olio e il Vino…read more


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