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"The Law Commission is the statutory independent body
created by the Law Commissions Act 1965 to keep the law
under review and to recommend reform where it is needed."
The Law Commission is a body that is part of the
parliamentary law making system. It is made up of
full-time staff, headed by five Law Commissioners., one of
whom is the chairman. The chairman is a High Court judge
and the other four law commissioners are well-qualified,
experienced and practicing lawyers. Each Law
Commissioner has a `team' made up of barristers,
solicitors, parliamentary draftsmen, researchers and
administrative staff.
The Law commission is in charge of the codification,
consolidation and repeal of laws.
Codification and consolidation are similar in that they are
both the grouping and bringing together of similar laws or
statutory provisions.
As new laws are brought in and old laws either remain or
are repealed, laws on various topics aren't organised in an
easily accessible manner, the Law Commission fixes this
through codification and consolidation.
Codification is the bringing together of laws into one Act of
Parliament and consolidation is the bringing together of
statutory provisions relevant to specific area into one Act.
Neither codification nor consolidation necessarily require
editing or changing laws in order to do this.
Repeal is the removal of obsolete and/or irrelevant laws.
As times change with things such as technology, the
requirement for laws changes. For example, Acts on cyber
safety and computer hacking, which were never thought of
mere decades ago yet are now so important.
The Honorable Mr Justice (Sir David) Lloyd Jones is the
current chairman of the Law Commission. "Mr Justice
Lloyd Jones has been a judge of the High Court, Queen's
Bench Division since 2005. He is a Master of the Bench of the
Middle Temple, Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary
Boundary Commission for Wales, and a Member of the
Advisory Council of the British Institute of International and
Comparative Law. Between 2008 and 2011 he was a
Presiding Judge of Wales and Chair of the Lord Chancellor's
Standing Committee on the Welsh Language. In 2010 and
2011 he was a Member of the Judges' Council. Before

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High Court judge he was Queen's Counsel, a
Deputy High Court Judge, Chair of the Bar European Group
(2004-5) and a Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge
Elaine Lorimer is the current Chief Executive of the Law
Commission. "Elaine Lorimer, formerly Director of
Corporate Services at the National School of Government,
joined the Commission as Chief Executive on 16 January
Mrs Lorimer is a Scottish solicitor and public finance
accountant.…read more


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