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Law and Morals…read more

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R v Brown
Five defendants
They engaged in various homosexual
sadomasochistic practices in private
Used genital torture and inflicted injuries,
willingly and enthusiastically in the giving and
receiving of pain
None of the defendants required medical
treatment…read more

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It was held that the courts will interfere in
private morality
Liability would occur in such a case of private
morality unless it were a lawful act
Public policy, corruption, cult of violence and
potential for serious harm would all be taken
into account
All five defendants were found guilty of Actual
Bodily Harm
Three of the defendants were also guilty of
wounding…read more

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Lord Mustill (dissenting judgment) ­ "these
consensual private acts are not offences
against the existing law of violence"
Lord Slynn found no compelling reason for
creating criminal liability in such a case…read more

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R v Wilson
Defendant branded his name on the buttock of
his wife
His wife consented to the act
She saw it as nothing more than a piece of
physical adornment e.g. Tattoo or jewellery…read more

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The defendant was convicted
On appeal the conviction was quashed…read more

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