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Piso in Syria

But Gnaeus Piso, in order to begin his plans more quickly, after he reached Syria and the legions, began to help the
most disreputable of the soldiers with generous gifts and bribery. When he had removed the long- serving
centurions and the strictest tribunes, and given their…

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On the day of the senate's meeting, Tiberius made a restrained speech. `Piso', he said, `was the representative and
friend of my father. With the authority of the senate, I sent him as Germanicus's assistant to administer affairs in the
east. You must determine, with unbiased minds, whether Piso annoyed…

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When the very sad image of that night on which was my final time in the city comes to mind, when I recall the night
on which I left so many things which were dear to me, even now a tear falls from my eyes.
Already the day was near…

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He seems to me, to be equal to a god. He, if it is right, (seems to me) to surpass the gods, who, sitting opposite
you, repeatedly watched and hears you, sweetly laughing, (something) which steals all my senses from poor me; for
as soon as I have looked at…


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