Latin Grammar: Passive Verbs

Here is a quick review sheet on passive verbs for Latin grammar. Hope you find it useful!

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Grammar Notes: Passive Verbs
Passive verbs indicate that something is being done to.
Present Active Present Passive
Singular ends in at ends in ur
portat is carrying portatur is being carried
Plural ends in ant ends in antur
portant are carrying portantur are being carried
Imperfect Imperfect
Active Passive
Singular ends in bat ends in batur
portabat was carrying portabatur was being carrying
Plural ends in bant ends in bantur
portabant were carrying portabantur were being carried
Present Passive Examples:
cena nostra a coquo nunc paratur.
Our dinner was being prepared by the cook.
multa scelera in hac urbe cotidie committuntur.
Several crimes were being committed in our city.
is being praised is being lead is being asked is being sent.
Imperfect Passive Example
candidati ab amicis salutabantur.
The candidates were being greeted by their friends.
fabula ab actoribus in theatro agebatur.
The play was being acted by the actors in the theatre.
was being heard was being praised was being necessary was being held.
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