Latin GCSE: Nisus et Euryalus lines 16-27

My translation with the corresponding latin words underneath in red. Plus my notes on the lines 16-27. As well as any of the story written in english italics that is written in cambridge latin anthology and which goes with this section.

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Nisus et Euryalus Lines 1627

Listen with open minds Oh followers of Aeneas and do not judge the things which we
Audite aequis mentibus O Aeneadae neve spectentur haec quae
say by our years. The Retulians have fallen silent relaxed with sleep and wine.
feremus ab nostris annis. Rutuli conticuere…

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o The word "Fortuna" meaning luck is a neutral word. It could mean good or bad
luck. In this case it is bad luck as they are going to die.

o Nisus and Euryalus are head strong perhaps and little to confident when they say
"cum spoliis ingenti caeda" with…


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