Latin GCSE: Nisus et Euryalus lines 16-27

My translation with the corresponding latin words underneath in red. Plus my notes on the lines 16-27. As well as any of the story written in english italics that is written in cambridge latin anthology and which goes with this section.

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Nisus et Euryalus Lines 1627
Listen with open minds Oh followers of Aeneas and do not judge the things which we
Audite aequis mentibus O Aeneadae neve spectentur haec quae
say by our years. The Retulians have fallen silent relaxed with sleep and wine.
feremus ab nostris annis. Rutuli conticuere soluti somno vinquo.
We ourselves have caught site of a place for ambush which lies open in a fork in the
Ipsi conspeximus locum insidiis qui patet in bivio
road from the gate which is nearest to the sea. Their lines of watch fires are broken by
portae quae proxima ponto. Ignes Interrupti
a gap and black smoke is rising to the stars. If you allow us to make use of our luck
que ater fumus erigitur ad sidera.Si permittitis uti fortuna
and look within the city walls for Aeneas. Soon you will see us come back here with
quaesitum moenia (pallentea) Aeneas. Mox cernetis adfore hic cum
spoils having completed huge slaughter. Nor will the road lead us astray on our
spoliis. peracta ingent caede. Nec via nos fallet
journey. We have seen the outskirts of the city from down in a hidden valley in our
euntes. Vidamus prima urbem sub obscures vallibus
frequent hunting expeditions and we have got to know the whole length of the River.
Adsiduo Venatu et cognovimus totum amnem.
The Trojan leaders approve of their bold initiative. Aeneas son Iulus promises them
lavish rewards if they are successful. Euryalus asks Iulus to take care of his mother he
fails to return alive.
o "Ignes" some of the enemies watch fires have gone out. Rising smoke is often used
as peace and inactivity. The rutulians are peacefully relaxing so it is dangerous if the
enemy attacks. "Interrupti Ignes" Alliteration to emphasize the fires are not alight.
o "Pallantea" The city is built on the future site of Rome
o Nisus is the one making the speech because he is the eldest. The first word he says
is "audite" listen to capture their attention. He is not as experienced as the people
who he is talking to and so needs to persuade them not to discard their suggestions
he says "listen with open minds"
o By calling them "Aeneadae" he is uniting them all, in that they are all followers of
Aeneas and so should stick together.
o "Sumno et Vinquo" asleep and drunk are words describing the state of the
o "Ponto Promxima" he is describing the route in detail in order to persuade the
Trojan leaders he knows what he is talking about. He also uses the word
"permittitus" meaning allow us, to give the Trojan power/respect. In addition to this
he uses the word mox to persuade the Trojan leaders this will be a quick journey.

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The word "Fortuna" meaning luck is a neutral word. It could mean good or bad
luck. In this case it is bad luck as they are going to die.
o Nisus and Euryalus are head strong perhaps and little to confident when they say
"cum spoliis ingenti caeda" with spoils and having done huge slaughter. After all they
are only meant to be messenger.
o Alliteration "nec nos via fallet euntes" meaning neither will the road lead us atray on
our journey, emphasizes their confidence.…read more


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