“Arms limitations agreements were the greatest achievements of detente”. How far do you agree?

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"Arms limitations agreements were the greatest achievements of detente". How
far do you agree?
· Disagree
· Judgement: summits and cooperation
· Justification: most agreements and cooperation made substanial
· Loopholes
· Both carried on developing MIRV missiles
· "Arms control was seen almost universally as an area for a breakthrough"-
· But: SALT agreements the first of its kind
· SALT limited them but there was a large destructive capability
· Froze ICBM developments
· Both got what they wanted: USA; allowed them to stop investing money in
ICBMs, allowed the USSR to have an advantage as they were frozen: USSR;
1618, USA: 1054
· Both achieved what they wanted; but more of a circumstance then actual
· Technology- "high" computer technology, which would allow the USSR to be
more in line with others who had this technology
· Grain: USA; no more grain surplus and received money from it, USSR; gained
cheap grain and no longer had to import it- $700 million grain deal in 1972,
followed by another in 1975 (called the "Great Grain Robbery" by US press)
· Joint exploration of Soviet oil agreed OPEC
· More money bought in to the country following arms limitations- more social
· Recognition; of the Soviet sphere of influence and East/West Germany
· Helsinki Basket One- legal recognition which assured security of buffer zone
· Basic Treaty 1972- both accepted each other as countries & not occupied
territories (part of Brandt's Ostpolitik)
· Freedom of movement and human rights agreed Basket 3 at Helsinki,
however done reluctantly and not substantial on its own. Further, it was not

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Soviet Union (Ticking
time bomb- Ford)
· Many summits (Basic Treaty, SALT agreements and Helsinki- "high
· All substantial achievements
· Cooperation- Soyuz- Apollo joint space agreement
· Visits between leaders (1972 Nixon to USSR)
· Political propaganda-both could use it look good domestically- "Their
main function was to appear as world statesmen in televised
ceremonies in which they could affix their signatures to a series of
protocols or agreements that had been previously thrashed out"
· Kissinger- "Detente was conceived…read more


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