L'Aquila Earthquake Case Study

Case Study on the recent L'Aquila earthquake.

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MEDC: Local:
L'Aquila Earthquake,
Italy, April 2009...
Italian region of Abruzzo
Region surrounding L'Aquila criss-crossed by fault lines.
City built on the bed of an ancient lake
6.3 Magnitude
Following a series of around 100 minor tremors since the
previous January. Preceded by two smaller earthquakes
the previous day
5.3M aftershock, causing safety issues for rescue crews; psychological trauma
The Tyrrhenian Basin, which lies to the west of the country,
between the mainland and Sardinia, is slowly opening up.
To the east in the Adriatic Sea, the earth's crust continues to
move under Italy (subduction)
At least 294 people are known to have died
Poor building standards and construction materials
26 cities and towns been damaged
Around 28, 000 people left homeless
The earthquake hit after a 4.6 magnitude foreshock shook
the area, lasting 30 seconds
Hypocenter ­ 10km down
All Italian mobile phone companies sent free minutes and credit to customers, whilst suspending bills
and extending coverage
Rail company Ferrovie dello Stato offered free tickets to all people and students living in Abruzzo
Tax billing and mortgage payments suspended by government
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi refused foreign aid for emergency, with the exception of the United
States and their offer of aid for reconstruction.
Aid offered by Austria, Brazil, Croatia, EU, France,
Germany, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Israel, Portugal,
Iran, Macedonia, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia,
Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine and US.
Aid also offered by various organizations, companies,
sports clubs and celebrities including ACF Fiorentina,
Carla Bruni, Madonna, S.S.C. Napoli, Zastava and


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