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Earthquake Case Study ­ L'Aquila 2013


L'Aquila is a city in central Italy with a population of
around 70,000 people.
Prone to earthquakes due to major plate boundary
along the Apennine mountain range.
L'Aquila earthquake occurred on 6th April 2009, at
Focus of the earthquake was 5 miles…

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Earthquake Case Study ­ L'Aquila 2013

3) Wildlife habitats were affected by the earthquake.

Camps were set up for homeless with water, food
and medical care.
Ambulances, fire engines and the army were sent
in to rescue survivors.
Cranes and diggers were used to remove rubble.
Internatonal teams with…

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Earthquake Case Study ­ L'Aquila 2013

1) They have only recently brought in the Civil protection Department which
trains volunteers to deal with disasters such as these.

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