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LAPA RIOS…read more

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What is Lapa Rios?
Lapa Rios is a private set nature reserve spread over 1000 acres of Central
America's and is last remaining lowland tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, Lapa
Rios Ecolodge overlooks the pristine point where the Golfo Dulce meets the
wild Pacific Ocean, making it the destination that matches every one's idea of
Is the vision of the John and Karen Lewis as a private nature reserve. A
Minnesota couple driven by a vision, John and Karen liquidated all their assets
to finance the purchase of a large tract of rainforest and to build the small
supporting tourism project.…read more

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It located in Central
America It is on Osa Peninsula in Costa
Rica.…read more

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Lapa Rios is closely work with its nearby community to provide a
basic and environmental education. The staff are over 95% from
the remote Osa peninsula and receive training at the lodge.
Which they support the local vendors, tour
companies, drivers and promotes community awareness to
environmental conservation.
They aim to provide guests with excellent services and
unique experiences, operating in the environmentally
friendly manners.…read more

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Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile,
pristine, and relatively without disturbing the natural areas
Tourist visiting the rainforest with more greater respects for the
social-cultural and ecological interests of the local communities.
People in industrialized countries refers the settings of Lapa Rios
to as Paradise. While they are staying and offers the ocean
stunning view, cool drink by the pool and others. They are also
supporting the conservation of the rainforest and providing direct
employment and income more than 45 families in the area.…read more

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Eco tourism helps contribute to sustainable development of an area.
When tourists visit the Lapa Rios for it's landscape and this means that eco tourism brings
money to the area. This means that the forest and it's wildlife become economic resources and
as does its culture this means that the environment and are sustained.
Sustainability as a model for development, establishes the needed to satisfy the requirements of
today's society without making it impossible for future generations to satisfy its own. Basically
some action like: no live trees were cut for the construction, no caged animals or clipped birds.
Hiring only local people to work their, cleaning and maintenance of beach area and public road
around Lapa Rios and on-site managed waste disposal and separation system.
It is sustainable because:
Lapa Rios was built to be small as a 14+2 bungalow project providing protection to over 1000 acres of
rainforest. Employs only local staff in its operations currently employing about 50 people.
Pays attention to and respects the wildlife and the natural setting.
Places great emphasis on educating guests, staff and locals on
natural and cultural issues.…read more

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