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Language frameworks…read more

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7 Main frameworks
· Discourse
· Phonology
· Pragmatics
· Semantics
· Lexis
· Rhetoric
· Grammar
· Graphology…read more

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· The vocabulary of a language.
· When analysing spoken and written language, notice
words that are similar topic or focus
· Example:
­ advert for cars might include words like wheels, steering,
lights and brakes.
· These are known as the lexical field…read more

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· The study of how meaning is created through words
and phrases.
· Meaning might be:
· Explicit
· Implicit
· A word:
· Has a Literal meaning
· Can be Associated with other meanings
· Example:
­ The word red is
· A colour
· Associated with danger…read more

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· The system of rules that governs how words
and sentences are constructed
1. A system that groups words into classes
according to their function
­ E.g. nouns or verbs
2. A system of rules about how these types of
words function in relation to each other
­ E.g. Syntax (following slide)
3. The individual units that make up whole words
­ E.g. Morphology (following slide)…read more

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Grammar: Morphology
· Identification, analysis and description of the structure of a given languages morphemes
and other units such as
· Root words
­ For example, chatters has the inflectional root chatter, but the lexical root chat.
· Affixes
­ Prefix e.g. UN-do
­ Suffix ­ look-ING
­ Semi-suffix ­ cat-LIKE
· Parts of speech
­ Word class, lexical class, lexical category
­ Typical categories include: noun and verb etc
· Intonation/stress
­ Variation of spoken pitch, used to indicate attitude, emotions , identify statement or
· Implied context
­ Word sentence, conversational turn, speech act etc.
­ (Sociolinguistics; Social context) (Language variation; Stylistics)…read more

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Paul Dutton


A detailed resource on language frameworks with relevant and useful examples.

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