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Language & power…read more

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Instrumental power = authoritative ­ power to assert things
Influential power = subtle ­ power of the media/advertising
Influence…read more

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Non-fluency features ­ interrupt fluency
Turn-taking = taking turns in a convo
Adjacency pairs = speakers talk in pairs (Q&A)
Dialogue = convo
Utterance = what someone said
Interlocutor = participant in a convo (speaker)
Agenda setting = who has chosen the topic of the convo
Power symmetry = both interlocutors have equal power
Power asymmetry = when there's a clear hierarchy in a convo
Topic shift = distraction away from convo topic
Monologue ­ 1 person talking…read more

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Guidelines for conversation
Expectations a listener has of how a speaker will speak
MAXIM OF QUALITY ­ be truthful ­ don't say what you believe to be false
MAXIM OF QUANTITY ­ quality of info ­ make contribution as informative as
MAXIM OF RELEVANCE ­ be relevant
MAXIM OF MANNER ­ be orderly ­ be brief ­ avoid ambiguity…read more

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Jargon = technical terminology
Coining = creating new words
How is jargon coined?
Borrowing = borrowing words from other languages
Compounds = words created by joining 2 words together
Blends = joining 2 words together to make 1 ­ using only a part of eachy word
Pun = lay on words or phrases
Initialism = creating words suing the 1st letters…read more

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How does jargon secure & maintain
Showcases knowledge & intelligence
Pun = insightful & witty ­ shows you have charisma & hierarchal power
Borrowing shows a large vocab range & may intimidate listeners
Creating an impression of being educated & knowledgeable ­ more capable
Can be a way of threatening someone's negative face
Can also boost someone's positive face…read more

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