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Key Terms
Key Term Definition
Political Power Power held by those with the backing
of the law
Personal Power Power held by individuals as a result
of their roles in organisations
Social Group Power Power held as a result of being a
member of a dominant group (e.g.…read more

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Appositional Phrases Used by journalists to save space and
add pace to the article. The
juxtaposition of two phrases
Power Asymmetry A marked difference in the power
status of individuals (e.g. a judge
speaking to a defendant)
Constraints Ways in which power participants may
block or control the contributions of
less powerful participants (e.g.…read more

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Quantity ­ use an appropriate amount of detail
2. Quality ­ speak the truth and not knowingly mislead
3. Relevance ­ keep what is being discussed relevant
4.…read more


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