Language & Power - A Level Revision Guide

This booklet will provide you with all the information and theorists that you'll need if you answer the Language & Gender question in ENGB1. This guide has information for those wanting C's or those wanting A*'s. What you do with the guide, is up to you!

Hope it helps - Mikey

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Revision Summary

This topic is like a cross between context and theory, so if you've got an eye
over this section in the exam you will have to do a lot of analysis because there
will be subtle little hints throughout the piece you will have to pick up on.…

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This is the power to make us believe or support something. These are
generally found in political or media texts.

Embedded assumptions (You will want to read this ...)
Metaphoric references ("A healthy economy", obviously economies don't
get sick!)
Assertions (Opinions stated as facts)
Loaded language (Words chosen to…

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4. Unresponsiveness ­ This is more negative method of assertion. If the
speaker is ignored or if back-channel noises (mmm/ uh huh) of the
audience are hesitant then the status of the speaker is undermined
5. Topic changing ­ This can be a method of reasserting control if someone

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Power in Contexts


Ever noticed how schools will often give out Student/Parent agreements (or
something to that affect)? Well when you think about it school isn't necessarily
as powerful influentially as something like the army in terms of rules. The
schools only have a limited amount of…

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too much, or it might come back to bite them!

Jargon such as subordinate, superior, team leader, Chief executive and many
other business terms can reflect the structure of a business and where
someone is on it.


Law unlike many other categories distinctly has its own special lexicon. Many…

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What a great document! Really informative whilst showing a good attempt at humor by use of memes and the like. Top work! 

Paul Dutton


An excellent revision guide, full of useful information and examples.

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