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Difference between speech and writing means writers will create books designed to ease children into
discourse in a gentle way. This is achieved by incorporating

Direct speech ­ people/animals in face to face interaction with or without speech tags
Narration which replicates speech ­ use of noises
Everyday content ­…

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Reading schemes often have graded vocabulary and syntactical structures. Designed to promote home
school learning connection where the adult takes the role of the teacher by regulating conversation and
focusing activity.

Books are a shared experience which introduce children to narrative structures, morals as well as being

Parent child…

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Types of reading cues

Graphophonic ­ shape of words linked to similar words for instance is a word has experienced the word
"Rough" and they come across "Cough" they can say it. Knowledge of phonemic/graphemic
correspondence allows children to match letters to words to lexis heard in spoken the language…


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