Landslide Case Studies

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Vaiont Reservoir Slide October 1963
Basic Facts
Killed 2043
Huge slab of 200m wide rock landed in the reservoir that created a
100m wave and surged the valley below.
Rocks were angled towards the valley creating natural slip planes
There were also fault lines creating slip planes
Previous landslide meant the rock was unstable
The reservoir had an increase in water levels
The impoundment of the reservoir increasingly pore water pressure to
a high level which reactivated an old slide
Heavy rainfall
About 2043 people killed
The dam is now unused
It was one of the most serious engineering failures of modern times
It is sometimes called a manmade disaster as some feel it never
should have been built.

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Machu Picchu January 2010
Rainfall of 67% higher than normal loosened many heavy rocks and mud
causing a mudslide on the Inca trail up to the site of Machu Picchu.
Primary Impacts
A tour guide and tourist were killed when a slope gave way and their
tents were crushed.…read more


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