Land Use in an Urban Area in an LEDC: Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Land Use in an Urban Area in an LEDC: Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Location: Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, an island in the Indian Ocean south of India.
The main business area in Colombo.
Large international buildings such as the World Trade Centre and Kuwait Airways and hotels like the Hilton.
Financial institutions like HSBC and Bank of Ceylon.
The Fort area is the focus of main transport routes; Galle Road (A1), Main Street (A2) and Kandy Road (A4), the central railway station and
access to the Indian Ocean via the port ­ most accessible part of the city.
Major department stores, specialist shops (jewellery and gems, designer clothes ­ Odel Unlimited), hotels and restaurants.
The road stretches along the coastline and caters primarily for both the expatriate community and tourists.
Much older area adjacent to Fort.
It is a Bazaar where you can buy anything ­ spices, gold (Sea Street), clothes and herbal medicines (Gabo Lane).
The heart of the old city where all routes meet.
The main bus station gives easy accessibility to the Colomboans.
Industrial Areas:
Found close to the port where there are many warehouses, or along the road to Bandaranaike Airport where goods can be easily imported or
Timber and clothing are major industries.
High Class Residential:
Cinnamon Gardens (Colombo 7) is the best residential area of Colombo. It is situated close to the centre allowing easy access for work and
shops. Elegant tree-lined streets and mansions of the rich and powerful.
The city's biggest park, Viharamahadevi, includes museums and galleries (National Art Gallery and Natural History Museum)
Several sports grounds including the Sinalese Sporting Club (SSC), the Sri Lankan equivalent to Lords
Foreign embassies (Japanese and Canadian embassies on Gregory's Road).
Rural setting in the heart of the city makes it the most desirable area.
Kollupitiya (Colombo 3) is an area of high-class luxury apartment blocks ­ found here because of proximity to CBD and views of the ocean.
Middle Class Residential:
The majority of Colombo's residents live in a mixture of apartments and small town houses.

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Much more difficult to reach CBD due to terrible traffic conditions, therefore these areas are not desirable for city workers.
Havelock Town (Colombo 5) and Wellawatta (Colombo 6) to the south ­ both have own shopping and small business areas.
Poor Residential:
Poor shanty houses are found all over Colombo.
Also called line houses because they are found in lines along roads, canals or railways.
Built illegally on land that nobody else wants.
Waterside locations are favourable to use water for drinking and washing.…read more


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