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Land resources
Landscape protectionconserving aesthetic appeal, involves maintenance of certain features
e.g. woodlands, stone walls and ponds. Includes active management for human created
ones as well e.g. stop secondary sucession

Landscape enchantment restoration and development of countryside features e.g.
restoration of meanders

Visitor management careful provision of facilities that do…

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DEFRA sets up agrienvironmental schemes e.g. environmental stewardship scheme (ESS)
so influences countryside

1. Maintain historical features
2. Protect wildlife
3. Appearance of countryside e.g. hedgerows (entry level)
4. Higher level stewardship can include things like footpaths and public access


The national trust protects threatened coastline, countryside and…

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Planning applications granted if appropriate within local/national area.

National parks ­no new urban development's unless needed by the existing local
community. Housing only for local community and buildings must be appropriate. Local
materials and traditional architectural designs

Green belts designated area around an urban area to prevent urban sprawl


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2. A description of the environment
3. A description of the impacts of the project on the environments, often using a
Leopold Matrix
4. Project modifications that would reduce impacts
5. Possible alternatives to the proposal,
6. A nontechnical summary
7. Publishing of a summary that can be understood by…


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