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Gag a
ge Fe
ver…read more

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The eccen
tric make-up tha
photos shows th t is shown in her
at her genre is th
genre. e pop
The house
colours of bright
also emphasise t red and black
he pop genre wit
website. hin her…read more

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Rep r e s en t at i o n
Female represe
She looks quite
sexual on her `H
The website als aus' page.
o represents po
eccentric natur p due to the
e of her photos
house colours and the…read more

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A u d i e n c e
Lady Gaga fa
Her we
bsite is cover
has her doma ed in pictures
in name on e of her, and
She ha very page.
s an adult ag
advises that e as in certain
parental adv parts she
due to explici isory is requir
t material tha ed
website. t she uses on
at/ladygaga…read more

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