Labour Social Reforms 1906-

All the social reforms of Liberal between 1906 and 1911

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Liberal Social Reforms 1906-
LEA,s = local councils
Non-contributory pension= poor people automatically got it at 70, without paying compensation in
their working life.
Borstal= young people `s prison.
Group Date Act Information
Childre 1906 Education Act- Council given power to provide free meals for the needy,
n meals
Strengths concentrate more, learn more efficiency> not
hungry 1914- 14m free school meals by LEA's
Limitations not compulsory, some didn't use before 1914,
1913 ½ provided free meals.
1907 Education Act- Set up sch medical service, compulsory for LEA's
By 1914 ¾ providing free med inspection+ 2/3 some
form of med treatment.
Very quick check, not always treated. Poor can't afford
1908 Children Act and Parental neglect illegal, set up juvenile courts + borstals for
other young offenders. Illegal sell tobacco+ alcohol to children
Tried ensure min standards of care+ protection for children
differencing its treatment of child+ adult offenders.
New legislation, lot of codifying of existing law.
Elderly 1908 Old Age Pension 5 shillings per wk for single persons, 7s+6D to
Pensions Act married.
Non-contributory out of general taxation not from recipients
regular weekly sum to qualified, paid by state through local
post office Not poor law, get help if too ashamed to be
classed as pauper. 1 m by 1915 more women qualifying.
Over 70, very low income, only poorest got full amount, had
to be `of good character' ­ working reg+ not been prison ,
bare min for survival, support not replacement for self-help.
Adult 1909 Trade Boards TB set up fix min wages+ inspects conditions in trades.
Covered 200,000 mostly women in 4 trades e.g tailoring, long
hours, wages low, + no trade union, 1913 extended to 6
trades +coal miners
Only `sweated trades', too few inspections, no national min

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Labour Places workers looking for jobs+ employers looking for
Exchange workers met.
2M registered by 1914,430exchanges finding 3000jobs pd.
Every worker who found a job 3 didn't. State not creating jobs
for unemployed, only helping job market operate more
1911 National Before Lib gov, high paid workers took out private health
Insurance Act insurance with friendly societies. Low paid workers who got
-Health sick had to go into work house.…read more


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