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Korean War
Kathryn, Tom and Cassie…read more

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Why the war began
· The war began because of rising tensions
between the superpowers.
· They both wanted to promote their own
· This was especially true after the Americans
changed their foreign policy from containment
to the more aggressive "roll back" theory.…read more

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What were the motives of the
· The USA had many worries concerning Asia.
· They were worried that the Domino Theory would take over
Asia, as China fell to Communism. Truman was afraid that this
would spread to Japan and other Asian countries, especially
relevant because of the importance of Japan to the US policy.
· The USA also wanted to undermine Communism. Containment
no longer viable as Communism grip was getting strong.
· Truman began considering more than just containing
· Truman very aware that USA was in competition with USSR for
world domination Korea war provided a way of asserting US
power whilst avoiding direct war with the USSR.…read more

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What were the motives of the
USA and the USSR?
· Stalin wanted to expand Communism where
possible as long as he could avoid a hot war with
the USA.…read more

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-25th June 1950, North -Nov 1950- Feb 1951
Koreans attacked -Chinese alarmed by the scale of
successfully, pushing South American advance. Sent 200,000
Korea back far past the 38th troops (peoples volunteers) 25th Nov
Parallel. -Attacks successful due to modern
-Americans gained support weapons supplies by USSR
-½ million more Chinese troops
of UN and sent troops to
attacked US troops on new years eve.
reinforce the S.K army -Used human wave tactics to drive
US back.
-Sept-Nov 1950
-Feb-March 1951
UN landing at Inchan; 15th
-USA landed a substantial
number of troops (used
-Americans drove back
NKPA moving beyond the
-American counter attack
38th parallel on 7th October
reached 38th parallel in
-Advance continued all the
March 1951
way to Chinese border
300,000 UN troops were involved in the fighting; 260,000 of these were American.…read more

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The end of the Korean war?
· After Mac Arthur openly criticised Truman's
decision to end the war he was sacked.
· Eisenhower became president in 1953 and the
USA threatened the use of the atomic bomb is a
ceasefire wasn't achieved.
· A truce was finally signed 27th July 1953 and is
still in place today.…read more

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