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1) Introduction
2) Piaget's theory
3) Background
4) The 3 Stages
5) Real life study
6) Summary…read more

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·There are three main approaches to
explaining gender development: Biological,
psychological and social.
·In this presentation I will go through the two
psychological explanations
·Kohlberg's theory is an example of the
cognitive developmental approach based on
the emphasis that the role of thinking affects
our process of development.…read more

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· This is a theory that explains how we
develop from a child, with very little or no
understanding of the way the world works,
we then develop into adults who are full of
knowledge and more than capable of logical
thinking (as stated in the book)…read more

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Piaget's influence
·Kohlberg's theory (1966) suggests that
changes in gender thinking are a product of
changes in cognitive capabilities as child ages.
·Related to Piaget's ideas about maturation of
the mind and conservation (appearance-
reality)…read more

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· This stage occurs between the age of 2 to 3, at this point in
time a child so called `LABELS' themselves as either a girl
or boy, a man or a woman.
· This all depends on the outside appearance for example;
hair style or by what the person wears.
· By the end of this stage a child can label not just themselves
but also the other children around them.…read more

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