kobe earthquake japan

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Kobe earthquake Japan
- 17th of January 1995 at 5.45 a.m.
- Magnitude 7.2 , 1320 after shocks, 150 of which were felt by people.
- Lies along major subduction zone.
- Japan id one of the richest and most technologically advanced
countries in the world.
- Damage sustained in 1995 makes earth hazard mitigation systems
into question.
- Heavy built up strip of land between Osaka bay and the Rokko
mountains. Handles 30% of japans commercial shipping.
- Transport links severely affected by collapse of elevated roads and
bridges, Area acts as main link western to northern-eastern Japan.
- Sannomiya area suffered ground damage creating damage to
buildings. Including tilting and collapse.
- 103, 000 buildings were destroyed and only 20% of buildings were
usable after earthquake.
- Port facilities damaged by soil liquefaction and lateral flow of soil
along the quay walls.
- 70% of water was inoperable.
- 63, 000 deaths and 35,000 injuries occurred
Response to the earthquake
- Wrecked nations confidence for the government and their ability to
cope with a natural disaster.
- All school children in Japan are put through emergency earthquake
and fire drills four times a year.
- Flaws in the preparedness system as people were seen running out
of buildings and were hit by debris.
- Slow response ­ 5 hour delay before defence was called, only 200
- Not until 21st of January that 30,000 troops were used to help with
- No electricity three days after the earthquake.
- Delays in accepting international help.
Kobe ­ the aftermath
- Damage was put at 99 billion dollars and the reconstruction price
was set at 120 billion.
- Jobs will be created in the recovery process.
- Will take many years for normal life to continue.
- Originally 20,000 people lost their jobs , many businesses and
industries such as Kawasaki shipping. Mover away after earthquake
and have not returned.
- 269 high-rise commercial buildings in Kobe, 62 were demolished
and only 19 are planned to be re-built.


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