Kingdoms table As ocr Biology unit 2

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Kingdom Examples Cell type Multi or Cell wall Reproduction Nutrition
Monera Bacteria Prokaryoti Single Yes Asexual Autotrophic
c (peptidoglycan
Protoctist Algae, Eukaryotic Both Sometimes Asexual or autotrophic,
a protozoa sexual heterotrophic
fungi Moulds Eukaryotic Both Yes chitin Asexual or Saprotrophic(absor
yeasts sexual b substances from
mushroom dead or decaying
s organisms)
Plantae Mosses Eukaryotic Multicellula Yes cellulose Sexual and Autotrophic
ferns r asexual photosynthesis
Animalia Insects fish Eukaryotic Multicellula None Sexual Heterotrophic(
mammals r consume plants
reptiles and animals)


Bethany Cunningham

Great information, you could make them better by being consistent with the layout-just a thought. They are awesome.

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