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Act 5
Scene 1
Near Dover, Regan asks Edmund whether he loves Gonerill and if he has found his way into
her bed. Edmund responds negatively and Regan warns him to stay away from Gonerill.
Gonerill and Albany enter with their troops and Albany declares that he will fight with them
against the French army. Gonerill and Regan show jealously over Edmund and neither wish to
leave him alone. The three exit.
Just as Albany is about to leave, Edgar arrives in disguise of a peasant. He gives Albany the
letter and asks him to read it. He also asks Albany to sound a trumpet if he wins the battle so
he can defend the claims made in the letter. Edgar then vanishes and Edmund returns telling
Albany that the battle is coming near.
Albany leaves which means Edmund is alone. Edmund speaks with the audience stating that
he has sworn his love to both Regan and Gonerill but is unsure which one to choose, so he will
decide after the battle.
Points of change ­ Gonerill: "O, ho, I know that riddle." The quote implies that Gonerill is
aware of Regan's intentions to keep Gonerill away from Edmund. The change of relationship
between Regan and Gonerill becomes clearer as they both express jealousy by not allowing each
other to be alone with Edmund. This shows a loss of trust between them as they once did evil
together but now they have divided into doing evil to each other.
Scene 2
The battle begins; Edgar in peasant's clothing leads Gloucester to the shelter of a tree and leaves to
fight on Lear's side. He soon returns, shouting that Lear's side has lost and that Lear and Cordelia
have both been captured by the British. Gloucester states that he'll stay where he is and wait to be
captured or killed, but Edgar says that death comes at a certain time, so Gloucester leaves with
Points of emotion ­ Gloucester: "No further, sir; a man may rot even here" After hearing the news
of Cordelia and Lear, Gloucester decides to stay where he is until death finds him. The audience may
sympathize with Gloucester as he has become a victim due to Gonerill and Regan's evilness towards
him. Because of the condition he has been put in this has led to him having less hope in life.

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Scene 3
Edmund leads in Lear and Cordelia as his prisoners and then sends them away, giving the
captain who guards them a note with instructions to kill them in prison.
Albany enters accompanied by Gonerill and Regan. He praises Edmund for fighting and
orders to see Lear and Cordelia. Edmund lies saying he sent them far away so they wouldn't
excite the sympathy of British forces and Albany reacts by saying he shouldn't have done
that without his consultation.…read more

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Change of character ­
Edmund admits he has been a traitor and Edgar responds by saying he has turned out to be
evil because of the way he was conceived.
Edmund learning of Regan's and Gonerill's death says, "Yet Edmund was beloved." Even the
cruel Edmund thinks of love in his last moments which may be a reminder of warmth that he
lacked from his father.…read more


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