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Act 5

Scene 1

Near Dover, Regan asks Edmund whether he loves Gonerill and if he has found his way into
her bed. Edmund responds negatively and Regan warns him to stay away from Gonerill.
Gonerill and Albany enter with their troops and Albany declares that he will fight with…

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Scene 3

Edmund leads in Lear and Cordelia as his prisoners and then sends them away, giving the
captain who guards them a note with instructions to kill them in prison.
Albany enters accompanied by Gonerill and Regan. He praises Edmund for fighting and
orders to see Lear and Cordelia.…

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Change of character ­

Edmund admits he has been a traitor and Edgar responds by saying he has turned out to be
evil because of the way he was conceived.
Edmund learning of Regan's and Gonerill's death says, "Yet Edmund was beloved." Even the
cruel Edmund thinks of love in…


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