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King lear
King Lear: Act 5 Scene 1
Key: plot form language structure character
Lines 1-17: in the British camp Edmund complains that Albany cannot decide
on a plan of action. Regan asks Edmund about his relationship with Goneril.
Lines 18-43: Goneril is more concerned about Regan's influence on Edmund
than on the outcome of the coming battle, and Regan does not want to let
Goneril out of her sight, being unwilling to give her a chance to speak
privately with Edmund. Edgar arrives as Poor Tom and gives Albany the
letter which he took from Oswald; he says the contents will prove to be
Albany is a lot more commanding now, since his argument with Goneril in the
previous act. He has the longest turn in this section and uses several
imperative utterances such as "I'll overtake you" "Speak" (lines 38-39)
Regan and Goneril seem to be clashing more now as they are both fighting
over Edmund; Regan wants to stop Goneril from being alone with Edmund.
They both seem to be losing their power because of this. They have shorter
utterances in this section and Regan seems to be almost begging Goneril to
stay: "Tis most convenient; pray go with us" (line36)
Lines 44-69: Albany says he will read the letter. Edmund's promises to both
Goneril and Regan have left him with a problem. He says Albany is a useful
figurehead for the battle, but afterwards Goneril must find a way to get
rid of him. When this happens Lear and Cordeila will also suffer.
Lines 55-69: Edmund speaks in a soliloquy to show the audience an insight
into what he is really thinking without his thoughts being influenced by
other characters around him. He is worried about whom he should be with or
if he should be with either of them. He fears that if Goneril kills Albany
then Lear and Cordeila will also be in danger. This shows us that Edmund is
not entirely ruthless in his character as he has been shown to be throughout
the play.


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