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King lear
King Lear: Act 4 Scene 7
Key: plot form language structure character
Lines 1-21: Cordelia thanks Kent for his services to her father. Kent asks
her to let him remain incognito for a while. The doctor tells Cordelia that
Lear is sleeping well and Cordelia prays that he will be cured. She agrees to
the doctor's suggestion that it is time to wake Lear.
"child changed" (line 17) changed by his children but also has become more
child like in his nature.
Lines 22-50: Cordeila cannot believe that her sisters could have treated
anyone as they have done, let alone their own father. When Lear wakes he
seems to not recognise Cordelia. She believes he has not been cured.
Lines 51-79: Cordelia is relieved when Lear does recognize her. He says
that she has cause to hate him and if she has poison for him, he will take it.
The doctor says Lear has improved.
Lines 80-97: The doctor goes on to say Lear needs time to make a full
recovery. Lear begs Cordeila's forgiveness. Rumours are circulating that
Edgar and Kent are in Germany. The battle is imminent.
Line 24: stage direction of music playing which was used to show mental
healing in plays and it is still thought to heal mental illness.
Semantic field of weather and the use of metaphors "warring winds"
"dread-bolted thunder" "cross lightning" describing the cruelty that
Cordeila's sisters treated Lear with by sending him out into that storm.
Cordeila was told of this storm and the events by Kent.
Line 44: Cordelia uses polite terms of address when talking to Lear showing
she still treats him with the status of king, which is one of the first times he
is addressed like this since the beginning of the play.
Lear uses interrogatives to try and work out where he is "where have I
been? Where am I? Fair daylight?"
"the great rage you see, is killed in him" (lines 77-78) metaphor showing
Lear is not mad anymore as he is calmer and not showing the violent
behaviour he used to.
Lear is becoming kinder and calmer in character.
When Lear first recognizes Cordelia as his daughters the audience is made
to feel sympathy (pathos- arousing feelings of pity or sympathy in the
audience) which is used as a dramatic device.
Lines 85-97: dramatic irony and humour created as the gentleman is talking
to Kent about how he has heard that Edgar and Kent are in Germany and
Kent has to go along with this conversation as to not break his disguise.
Line 96-97: rhyming cuplet to round off the scene and to give a clue as to
the events in the next at. Kent says the battle will decide his future.


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