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King lear
Act 4 scene 5 notes
Regan is suspicious of a letter between Goneril and Edmund and wants Gloucester
to be dead. Regan wants to read the letter and suspects they are lovers but points
out to Oswald that she is more eligible for Edmund as she is a widow. Regan tells
Oswald that killing Gloucester will have benefits.
Jealousy- Regan is jealous of the apparent relationship between Goneril and
Plotting- Regan is trying to get Oswald to kill Gloucester
Regan- determined to get Edmund but suggests that she wants the
relationship for convenience not love.
Language features
Regan is the dominant speaker as she has the longest and most turns and also
sets the agenda as she uses lots of interrogatives such as "What might
import my sisters' letter to him?" (Line 6) which shows she is controlling the
topic of conversation. This is expected as Regan is of a higher status than
Lines 9-10 suggest that Gloucester is making people feel sorry for him and
as a result, making them hate Regan, so she wishes that she had killed him
when she had the chance.


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