King Lear: act 4 scene 3 notes

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King lear
King Lear: Act 4 Scene 3
Key: plot form language structure character
Lines 1-24: at Dover, Cordeila has received news of her father with sorrow,
but with great self control.
Lines 13-14: "it seemed she was a queen over her passion" Cordeila acted
like a queen when she received the news, she didn't let her emotions get the
better of her which shows her strong character.
Lexis connoting language of royalty "delicate" "ample" "queen" when
describing Cordeila
Lines 25-55: Cordeila has been outraged by her sister's behaviour towards
her father. Lear himself is in Dover but he cannot bring himself to see
Cordeila as he is too ashamed of what he did to her. The armies of Albany
and Cornwall are reported to be moving south.
Cordeila is portrayed as a saint (lines 25-30) "holy", "heavenly" which is the
opposite to how her sisters are described, who are shown as evil which
suggests a good vs evil battle.
Lear is to proud to see Cordeila as he is too ashamed to what he has done
(line 38-41)


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