King Lear: Act 4 scene 1 notes

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King Lear revision
Act 4 scene 1 notes
Edgar reflects on his poor condition and that things can only get better. He sees
Gloucester being led by a servant who Gloucester wants to leave him for his own
protection. The servant is reluctant to do so. Edgar meets Gloucester and says
that when in the storm he met a man called mad Tom who reminded him of Edgar.
Edgar wants to reveal his identity but doesn't. Gloucester wants to go to Dover so
he can jump off a cliff.
Disguise- Edgar is still in disguise but Gloucester doesn't know this.
Suffering- Gloucester has suffered so much that he now wants to die. Edgar
is suffering at not feeling he can reveal his identity and by seeing his
father blind.
Gloucester- is broken and feels suicidal and says he can see more now he is
Edgar- is torn between revealing his identity or not but decides against it.
Language features
"I stumbled when I saw"- metaphor suggests Gloucester understands more
now he is blind.
Line 51 "(aside) I cannot daub it further"- lets audience know that Edgar
wants to reveal his identity but feels he can't. Also shows the audience his
pain at seeing his father blind without Gloucester hearing what he says. This
gives the audience an insight into Edgar's real feelings that the other
characters cannot see.


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