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King lear
King Lear: Act 4 Scene 1
Key: plot form language structure character
Line 1-23: Edgar reflects that he is in such a poor condition that things can
only get better. He recognises Gloucester, led by a servant. Gloucester
wants the servant to leave him for his own protection. The servant is
reluctant to leave him in his blindness, but Gloucester says he can see what
he couldn't before.
"I stumbled when I saw" This metaphor suggests Gloucester says he did
things wrong when he could see.
Lines 24-46: Edgar realizes he was wrong about how things couldn't get any
worse. Gloucester remembers that when he met a man like mad Tom in the
storm, Edgar came to his mind. He tells his servant to bring clothes for Tom,
who will lead him to Dover.
Lines 47-77: Edgar considers revealing his identity, but doesn't. Gloucester
asks him to lead him to Dover, where he intends to remove his own misery by
jumping off a cliff.
Line 18 shows that Gloucester wants to end his life as he doesn't feel like it
is worth living anymore now everything he had has been destroyed. He has
gone into a state of suicidal depression.
Line 51 "(Aside) I cannot daub it further". Dramatic effect of an aside lets
the audience know hoe Edgar really feels without Gloucester hearing. Edgar
wants to reveal his identity to Gloucester, as he cannot bare it anymore,
after seeing his father blind.


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