King Lear: act 3 scene 3 notes

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King lear revision
Act 3 scene 3 notes
Gloucester tells Edmund he isn't happy with the way Lear is being treated and
decides to help him. There is more talk of conflict between Albany and Cornwall.
Gloucester asks Edmund not to mention this to Cornwall but when he leaves,
Edmund says he will tell Cornwall everything to gain a personal advantage.
Betrayal- Edmund betrays Gloucester by telling Cornwall what he said
Jealousy- Edmund's actions are driven by the jealousy he has of Edgar.
Sight and blindness- Gloucester cannot see that Edmund is manipulating him
and Edgar and is going to betray him.
Gloucester- gullible as he takes Edmund's word as true and foolish as he
says of his plans to Edmund assuming that he can trust him.
Edmund- manipulative and cunning as he uses the information Gloucester
gave him to his personal advantage
Language features
Line 7- dramatic irony as this is a sarcastic utterance from Edmund as he
doesn't believe this. It is said in a elaborate tone to show its sarcasm.
Dramatic effect of suspicion as the audience will wonder what Edmund's
plans are.
"unnatural dealing"- Gloucester believes that Lear's treatment is wrong as it
goes against nature's rules as a king should have respect.


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