king Lear: act 2 scene 1 notes

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King Lear: Act 2 Scene 1 notes
Key: Plot form language structure character
Lines 1-76: Edmund who is going to see Edgar is told that the duke of
Cornwall and Regan are going to visit the Earl of Gloucester. There are also
rumours of conflict between Cornwall and Albany. Edmund persuades Edgar
to pretend to fight with him, as he knows Gloucester is coming. When Edgar
goes Edmund wounds himself and convinces Gloucester that he was injured
because he refused to co-operate with Edgar and kill Gloucester. Edmund
tells of Edgars attack and Gloucester says Cornwall will help him have
Edgar killed. Edmund says Edgar will deny all charges and blame Edmund as
he will be expects he will be believed as he is the legitimate child.
Lines 28-30: Edmund uses lots of imperative and exclamative verbs to
create a sense of panic and confusion to manipulate Edgar.
Dramatic irony: as the audience knows that Edmund is doing, unlike Edgar
and Gloucester, making the audience dislike Edmund.
Lines 77-129: Gloucester is pleased with Edmund and makes sure that he
will inherit his land. Cornwall and Regan arrive as they have heard that Lear
is coming and they don't want to be home when he arrives. They are
surprised by Edgar's behaviour which Reagan blames on her father's
influence. Edmund accepts to become a servant of Cornwall. Regan tells
Gloucester they have come to him for advice.
Line 83: "loyal and natural boy" ironic language as Edmund isn't showing
loyalty and due to his illegitimacy he may not be considered natural.
Lines 89: Gloucester shows how sad and heartbroken he is by the dramatic
tone and repetition used.
Regan thinks Edgar has behaved this way as he has been with Lear's knights,
she will do anything to blame Lear, Edmund supports this (lines 93-96)
Regan is manipulative but she is closer to Cornwall than her sister is to
Albany as they are more of a team and are able to work together, whereas
Goneril is very much the leader of Albany. Regan also seeks revenge


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