King Lear: act 1 scene 1 notes continued

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King Lear: Act 1 Scene 1 continued
Key: Plot form language characters
Lines 186- 265- Burgundy and France want to know how much of a dowry
Cordelia has. Lear tells them she has none. Burgundy is no longer interested
in marrying her, as he expected to get one third of Lear's kingdom with her.
France wants to know why Lear has changed his opinion of her so much that
he has disowned her. He doesn't think Cordelia has done something so bad
that she deserved that.
Line 195- "but now her price has fallen". She has no dowry anymore- this
shocks Burgundy and France.
Line 123- France doesn't believe Cordelia is so bad, he can't understand
what she has done.
Line 221-232- Cordelia explains what she has done, she says she hasn't done
anything dishonourable like murder, but she has only refused to flatter
Line 234- he thinks her character is enough, she doesn't need money as well
Line 248-250- France says he admires Cordelia more than ever.
"Most rich, being poor, most choice, forsaken..." France uses three
oxymoron's to show his depth of affection for Cordelia.
Line 256-260- France's verse starts to rhyme, suggests the closing of a
scene but also more romantic way to declare his love.
Lines 265-282- Cordelia and France leave together. Cordelia reminds her
sisters that she knows what they are up to ("I know you what you are")
Lines 283-307- Goneril and Regan agree that they must discuss now to
ensure Lear doesn't control their lives.
"Ye he hath ever but slenderly known himself" Regan doesn't think her
father has ever known what he was doing, suggesting she thinks he isn't a
good ruler. Regan thinks more of herself than her father, she thinks herself
wiser than him.
Lines 273- 274- she's worried for her father, thinks her sister will take
advantage of his old age. She still loves him.
"Prescribe not us you duty" Regan and Goneril don't want Cordeila to tell
them what to do, commanding tone, anger due to use of imperative verb.
287-305- talk of fathers old age and how he is becoming more angry and
changeable "unruly waywardness"
"Pray let us hit together" `hit' has connotations of violence, it directly means
`to act' which suggests they are plotting together.


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