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Collision Theory For particles to collide they must have the correct orientation and activation
energy. So that there are successful collisions.

Activation Energy, Ea
min. energy required for chemical reactions to occur. Point at where
reaction occurs is called transition point or activation complex.

Effects of....
Temperature ­ Inc.…

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Affect of...
Temperature ­

Catalyst ­

Catalysts ­ participate in reaction, they are chemically unchanged.

Heterogenous Catalyst ­ in different state or phase to reactants

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Homogenous Catalyst ­ in same state or phase to reactants.
Catalysts work by providing an alternative route of lower activation energy.

Equilibrium (eqm)
Reversible reactions at equilibrium have the forwards and backwards reactions working at equal
rates with the conc. at equal constants.

When the forwards reaction = the backwards…

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Le Chatelier's Principle ­ Can predict effect of changes in temp., pressure and conc. on
position of equilibrium.
If system at eqm distributed, system moves in direction that will resolve disturbance.

Effect of.... In A + B C + D
Conc ­
Inc. A, forward more likely, eqm shift to…


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