Kinetics Revision Notes 2

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Collision Theory For particles to collide they must have the correct orientation and activation
energy. So that there are successful collisions.
Activation Energy, Ea
min. energy required for chemical reactions to occur. Point at where
reaction occurs is called transition point or activation complex.
Effects of....
Temperature ­ Inc. means particles vibrate more so move around more so greater chance of
successful collisions.
Conc. And Pressure ­ Inc conc. Means particles closer so greater chance of successful collisions.
SA ­ Inc. means more particles available to collide so greater chance of successful collisions.
Catalyst ­ Lowers Ea so more particles available to react so inc. chance of successful collisions.
The MaxwellBoltzmann Distribution shows not all particles have enough energy to overcome
activation energy. Not all particles have same energy. This shows reason for needing to change

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Le Chatelier's Principle ­ Can predict effect of changes in temp., pressure and conc. on
position of equilibrium.
If system at eqm distributed, system moves in direction that will resolve disturbance.
Effect of.... In A + B C + D
Conc ­
Inc. A, forward more likely, eqm shift to left
Inc. C, Backward more likely, eqm shit left
If more of something, rate inc.
If remove c in reaction then reaction forced to completion because nothing in reverse reaction.…read more


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