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Rate of Reaction...
The decrease in the concentrations of the reactants per unit time.

Collision Theory...
The rate of a chemical reaction is dependant upon three things...

Collision Frequency...
If a chemical reaction is to take place between two particles, then they must
collide. The number of collisions per…

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By increasing the collision energy of the particles we can increase the rate of the reaction
because there would be more particles with sufficient energy to break the bonds in the
opposing particle. To increase the collision energy of the particles we would have to
decrease the activation energy…

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d. Increasing the Surface Area

The greater the total surface area of solid the more particles react because there are
more sites available for collision thus the collision frequency increases.

e. Using a Catalyst

A catalyst is a substance that lowers the activation energy of the colliding particles by…

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Reaction Catalyst Use

Cracking Zeolite Petrol

Catalytic Converters Platinum/ Rhodium Removing Polluting Gases

Haber Process N2(g) + 3H2(g) 2NH3(g) Iron Fertilisers


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