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Write out definitions for the following terms:
velocity and
These are Definitions for linear motion (i.e. in a
straight line)…read more

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Definitions for linear motion (i.e. in a straight line)
distance is how far you travel between any two points by
any route. It is a scalar quantity.
displacement is the minimum "as the crow flies" distance
between two points. It is a vector quantity, so it has
speed is how fast you go, the rate of change of distance.
velocity is rate of change of displacement. It must have
a direction.
Acceleration can be used as both a vector and a scalar
quantity. It is the rate of change of speed or velocity.…read more

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Distance-time graphs. Match the graphs to the descriptions.
moving at a slow speed (a)
staying still at the start (b)
Time (s)
time (s)
Graph 1
moving and increasing speed (c) Graph 2
staying still at a short distance from the start (d)
moving at a fast speed (e)
time (s)
time (s)
Graph 3 time (s)
Graph 5
Graph 4…read more

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Look at the animation and draw two lines on a
distance-time graph to show the motion
Press the space bar to see the graph.…read more

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Which of the statements below is definitely true about
the motion of the cars?
The red car moves
at a steady speed. The blue car has
The green car the highest speed.
The blue car the least.
accelerates The red car
the least. slows down.
The red car is
The red car faster than the The green car moves
accelerates. green car. at a steady speed.…read more

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