Kidney Transplants B3

An interactive powerpoint quiz. Something i made for our school website, theres a couple of errors, scrolling messes the whole thing up, and you have to wait 25 seconds once you have all four advantages or disadvantages, but otherwise its ok.

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Choose the
Advantages and
Some advantages and disadvantages of different biology
topics are going to appear on the screen. Follow the
instructions on each slide.
The slide will advance on its own after 25 seconds…read more

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Choose the 4 advantages of kidney transplants (some
are red herrings) YOU HAVE 25 SECONDS!
Freedom from
dialysis and Fewer, if any, Cheaper than Provides a
freedom from the diet and fluid other solutions, permanent
time commitment restrictions from the start solution
that it requires.
Prevents any Increases
further kidney strength of
quality of life
problems immune system…read more

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Did you manage to find all 4? Choose the 4
disadvantages of kidney transplants (some are red
herrings) YOU HAVE 25 SECONDS!
There are some
It involves a
restrictions of The new kidney The new kidney
surgical procedure
what you can do, can weaken the can cause the which could
some sports are immune system bladder to overfill
therefore go wrong
not allowed
Some of the
patients getting There is a lack of
the treatment may kidney donors, Kidneys only last
reject the new several are needed for a few months
kidney for one transplant…read more

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Well Done!
You avoided the red herrings, but did you
get all 8 of the advantages and
disadvantages?…read more

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Sorry, that was the wrong answer…read more

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Sorry, that was the wrong answer…read more


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