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Preview of ''KID'' POEM ANALYSED

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The poet takes on the persona of Kid Robin from the series Batman. The poem is about
Kid getting his `revenge' on Batman for letting him "loose to wander", in other words
ditching him. The poem is full of venom and anger. Kid is very scornful and wants batman
to pay for leaving him.
`'Batman bigshot'' The use of alliteration here emphasises the sarcasm. He is almost
laughing at him, as if to say "you're not so big now, just you wait".
"ditched me in the gutter" these words are very strong and he has a very harsh tone,
giving the reader a true insight to how he feels.
"I turned a corner" this is the first indication the readers get to seeing how Kid is now
taking control.
The use of iambic pentameter (ten beats per line) creates a rhythm and a beat. This
makes the tone of the poem feel very rushed and emphasises the anger as it seems as
though hes written it in a rage of fury. The Rhyming pattern also reinforces these
`Holy-robin redbreast nest egg shocker...." this combines his well known catch phrase
with a newspaper headline. This as well as "cat out of the bag" shows how he's revealing
all Batmans secretes and he's enjoying it.
Kid also imagines batman eating basic horrible food "stewing chicken giblets" which
gives the reader a negative image of batman and reinforces the idea that now Robin is in
The sarcasm at the end of the poem emphasises his scorn and brutality as he says that
now he's the boy wonder and everyone likes him. Basically laughing at the fact he's
ruined Batmans reputation and career.



not a very good poem  children


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