Kiberia-A slum of hope or dispare?

Kibera - A Slum of Hope or a Slum or Despair? I did this back in 2011, its A* quality  :)

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Kibera - A Slum of Hope or a Slum or Despair? 2011
Kibera is Africa's largest slum and possibly one of the worlds largest, with a enormous
population of just over a million living with a population density of 3000 per hectare, it is
situated just under six miles from Nairobi's CBD.
Kibera has one of the largest areas of poverty, with an estimated 95% of its million inhabitants
in extreme poverty living in 1.5sq miles. There is unstable work and the average wage is
35pence a day, this put the 90% of survive on less than 1$ US Dollar a-day. The government is
trying to buy the land so that they can build their houses without the landowner bulldozing it
down. The hygiene is appalling this is due to the open sewers which many pick up Typhoid and
Cholera, from the open sewers. Although the slum has its own shop's schools and hospitals
they are not free due to the government regarding the area as illegal. This means they take no
responsibility to looking after the people there.
What are the living conditions like?
The living conditions in Kibera is atrocious and squalor, the poor infrastructure (i.e. decent
sewage works, running water, public loo's and many more), this is due to the government
deeming the land as illegal meaning that they don't have to provide serviced and benefits. The
Kiberan families are very strong minded and they motivate themselves and family to go and
get educated and work to survive. However with the adults/parents wages being spent in
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Kibera - A Slum of Hope or a Slum or Despair? 2011
schooling fees wich cost £3 per mouth, then they provide knowledge for future generations,
this called a poverty circle and it's very difficult to get out of it and not be drawn back in, I will
explain more in the subtitle "Finding Solutions".…read more

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Kibera - A Slum of Hope or a Slum or Despair? 2011
living condition's with facilities. The 15 year project to re-house citizens of Kibera, this is with
the help of the Gap Year students who will raise awareness to others back at home. 650million
Ksh have been put a-side for funds to improve housing and infrastructure.…read more

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Kibera - A Slum of Hope or a Slum or Despair? 2011
I my- self are a optimist and I would want the poor get out of the poverty circle and I
desperately want to help them and more and more charities to come and help Kibera. Yes
Kibera can solve these problems and I do see Kibera to be a better slum or even a town later
on and there to be a different Kierba to the one now.…read more


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