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Abortion Euthanasia Sanctity Of Life

The premature expulsion of a Ending a life of a terminally A belief that human life is
foetus from the mother's ill person for compassionate sacred and holy because it is
womb. reason. a gift from God.


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Artificial Insemination by Artificial Insemination by
Donor. Husband. In Vitro Fertilisation.
When sperm from a donor is When sperm from the Sperm and egg are fertilised
inserted into the woman's husband's is inserted into her in a lab to produce embryos;
vagina to assist pregnancy. vagina to assist pregnancy. some…

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Therapeutic Genetic Somatic Cell
Cloning Engineering Therapy

Uses embryo stem cells to The deliberate manipulation Uses adult stem cells to
create an identical new of the genes of an organism repair or replace a defective
human embryo in order to in order to improve it. gene within the body.

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Babies whose characteristics When a child is suffering Voluntary giving to poor
are chosen by their parents. from a serious condition so people of any religion; this
then a younger brother or can be given in the form of
sister can be created to help money, time, food, clothing

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Emergency Aid World Poverty Justice

Short-term help given to the The fact that the majority Working to bring about what
victims of natural disasters of the world's population live it right and fair for people in
e.g: through providing food in extreme hardship. need.

Gambling Usury Pollution

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Any activity, which involves Charging excessive or Describes anything that
games of chance, where the unreasonable interest. contaminates the soil, water,
outcome is not certainly landscape or atmosphere
known. It usually involves a with harmful or unsightly
wager or bet for money. consequences.

Climate Change Natural Habitats Natural


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Tawhid Fitra Mizan

`The oneness of God' `Nature' `Balance'

Khalifahs Conservation Chastity

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`Stewards' Looking after the Choosing not to have sex
environment and protecting before marriage.
animals, o find a balance
between present needs and
those of future generations.

Celibacy Heterosexuality Homosexuality

Choosing not to have sex for Being attracted to the Being attracted to the same
religious reason. opposite sex. sex.

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Sex Outside Sexual Contraception
Marriage Immorality

This involves sex between Any form of sexual activity A range of methods used to
two people who are not which is immoral e.g rape. prevent a woman conceiving
married to each other and is and having children.
considered a sin.

Illegal Drugs Socially…

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Drugs which are banned by Drugs which are legal and Drugs prescribed by a
law. commonly used in society to doctor for medical purposes.
socialise but are still
addictive and can be

Marriage Cohabitation Civil Partnerships

A legal union between a man When a couple live together A legal…


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