Keywords for Meta Ethics

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Analytic statements statements which are true by definition.
Emotivism a theory which says that moral statements are just expressions of feelings.
Ethical naturalism / Ethical cognitivism a theory that moral values can be derived from
sense experience.
Ethical nonnaturalism / Ethical noncognitivism a theory that ethical statements
cannot be derived from sense experience.
Intuitionism a theory that moral truths are known by intuition.
Logical Positivism the view that only those things which can be tested are meaningful.
Metaethics the analysis of ethical language.
Naturalistic fallacy the claim that good cannot be defined.
Normative ethics a term used to describe different moral codes of behaviour rules by which
we make moral decisions e.g. Utilitarianism, Natural Law, Kantian Ethics, Virtue Ethics.
Prescriptivisma theory that ethical statements have an intrinsic sense so other people should agree
with the statement and follow it.
Synthetic statements statements that can be true or false and can be tested using
experience or senses.


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