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B4 Key word answers to cut and stick higher
Key word Definition
Respiration A reaction which happens in the cells of all living things. It
converts glucose and oxygen to carbon dioxide and water and
releases energy
stimulus A change in the environment which is detected by a receptor
which may cause a response
effector An organ or tissue which responds to a stimulus eg a muscle
response Action or behaviour that is caused by a stimulus eg blinking when
something comes near eye
receptor A cell which is sensitive to a change in the environment as a result
of a stimulus eg skin
processing centre Coordinates the response to a particular stimulus eg the brain
homeostasis Keeping a steady state inside your body
negative A process in which a change in a condition eg temperature
feedback dropping, brings about a process which brings it back up to
normal again
antagonistic Actions which work against each other eg vasodilation and
vasoconstriction Narrowing of the blood vessels to keep in heat
vaso dilation Widening of the blood vessels to lose heat by radiation from the
enzyme Chemicals in the body that speed up chemical reactions eg
active site Part of an enzyme where substrate molecule is temporarily bound
during reaction
lock and key A model to describe how the shape of the substrate and enzyme
molecules are complementary so that they can bind together
substrate The molecules which take part in a reaction eg hydrogen peroxide
osmosis Movement of water from a dilute solution to a more concentrated
solution through a partially permeable membrane
active transport Movement of substance from a low to a high concentration which
requires energy from respiration
carrier protein Found in cell membranes and used to transport molecules actively
across membrane
ADH Hormone which causes reabsorption of water. Antidiuretic
reabsorption Selectively taking back useful substances like glucose and water
into the blood from the nephron

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