Keyhole surgery and prosthetic

Biology Unit 5

Keyhole surgery and prosthetic

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Biology Unit 5
Revision Notes
Topic 7: Run for your life
19. Explain how medical technology, including the use
of keyhole surgery and prostheses, is enabling those
with injuries and disabilities to participate in sports,
eg cruciate ligaments repair using keyhole surgery
and knee joint replacement using prosthetics.
The development of keyhole surgery using fibre optics has made it possible for surgeons to repair
damaged joints (including torn cruciate ligaments in the knee) with precision and minimal damage.
This is because only a small incision is needed to there is less bleeding and damage to the joint, and
recovery is much quicker.
A prosthesis is an artificial body part designed to regain some degree of normal function or
appearance. The design of prostheses has improved significantly and many disabled athletes are
now able to compete at a very high level, e.g. with dynamic response feet that can literally provide
them with a spring in their step. Damaged joints (such as knee joints) can also now be repaired with
small prosthetic implants to replace the damaged ends of bones, freeing the patient from a life of
pain and restoring full mobility.
Text Book: p. 174 - 175



thank you - well done and to the point!

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